The Treaty of Autumn


In order to formalize the friendship that has grown between the regions of Karma and Caer Sidi, and in order to further strengthen that friendship and to preserve it for future generations, we enter into this accord.

Diplomatic Relations

1. Caer Sidi and Karma shall establish and maintain in-game embassies on the NationStates site with one another.
2. Caer Sidi and Karma shall establish and maintain off-site embassies on their forums consistent with facilities provided to other allies.


1. Neither Caer Sidi nor Karma will engage in military hostilities against the other. Participation by Caer Sidi and Karma on opposite sides of a military engagement that does not target either region shall not be considered “military hostilities against the other” for this purpose.
2. Neither Caer Sidi nor Karma will promote, encourage or support any region or organization in hostile action against the other. “Hostile action” shall be defined as any activity that seeks to destabilize the legitimate government or disrupt the peace of the region.

Cultural Exchange

1. Caer Sidi and Karma will seek to strengthen the friendships between our citizens through joint cultural activities.
2. Caer Sidi and Karma officials shall convene after ratification of this treaty to create an event that will occur regularly. What this event is and what will constitute “regularly” will be determined at the meeting.

General Provisions

1. This treaty shall take effect when it has been ratified by the duly authorized officials of both Caer Sidi and Karma.
2. Upon ratification, this treaty shall be the sole treaty between Caer Sidi and Karma, superseding any prior written documents describing a relationship between the two regions.