The Warren and It's Great History

As told by the former Oracle, Granger, during his tenure.

The story of Caer Sidi is not so much about one single Warren, the place which you are most familiar with, but three. Caer Sidi, of course but let's not forget the place where our enemies of history and the present come from, Chaosium and the original homeland of the Humans, the "Syvisans" ; Syvisa. Now, recalling history is about as much sifting through legends and unsubstantiated records and gossip as it is anything concrete, especially the further you go back, but it is in this Beginner's Guide's noble attempt to review and comfortably tell it's tale either way. Perhaps I should not keep you waiting any longer, and get on with it?

Caer Sidi's "Prehistory" ( ??? - 1st year of the 1st era )

Caer Sidi was not always inhabited by Humans, as I mentioned above. Neither was Caer Sidi a place that had to contend with the forces of the demonic Warren of Chaosium and the wrath of the Chaolich. Before the arrival of the Syvisans, though I regret calling it this for all the fair fae-folk of the Warren, for simplicity's sake I will take the Syvisan perspective and call it "Prehistory"... Now then, about Caer Sidi's prehistory, you may wonder?
Well, it is one of many unknowns and unconfirmed stories and legends, and making heads or tails of it is not the easiest thing to do, even for the Faeries whom inhabited the Warren and continue to do even today. But, in my humble opinion as Oracle, it is very important to talk about, even if not much can be said that can be taken at face value.

Now, did I mention that the Faeries of Caer Sidi, from the Merfolk to the Oceanids, to the Elves and Satyrs, to the Sprites and Harpies and everything in between were the original inhabitants of the Warren? I might have, and if I did not I have certainly heavily implied it up to this point. Once upon a time, there was a rumour that Caer Sidi was not the original home of the Faeries either, but that idea does not hold much weight. Before the age of Humanity and even before the age of the Chaolich, it was the Faeries, who lived in many scattered communities and civilisations all across the Warren who ruled it, because there was no one else that would. So far back in time, not much is know about this. Some rumours say that before the Chaosium's demonic forces pulled apart and scattered the Faeries even before the Syvisans arrived, many of these communities were connected. The Fair folk knew of each other surprisingly well, so goes the rumour and it's true that even today, the formative stories of the many Faeries of Caer Sidi include tales of creatures and intelligent beasts that seemed remarkably similar to the descriptions of other fae folk, which quite so tells us that they must have had some sort of contact, and perhaps even cooperation.
If you asked the Hanvari, they would say they ruled over Caer Sidi similar to the Queensland of our day. If you asked some of the other Faeries of this, they might turn around and say they have no idea what you are talking about. As I said, Caer Sidi's prehistory is confusing, to say the least.

Whether the Fae communities of the time were connected - even if only a little - and had contact with others ( which, I would like to say personally that I believe in ) or not, it would not last either way... At an unknown time in the prehistory of the Warren, the Chaosium introduced itself in fire, darkness and monstrosity. It will be described in another section, but as a quick reminder here, the Chaosium is a separate Warren that through Aimsir Cathedral, it's portals and ability to act as a conduit for the opening of portals beyond it's walls is able to influence Caer Sidi. It's influence has been nothing but monstrous, just like the devilish creatures and commanders that come from it, hellbent on reducing the Warrens that they have contact with to a mess of destruction and depression.
When the Chaolich originally made their appearance within Caer Sidi, the Faeries were unable to resist. Their communities shrunk exponentially due to the butchery of the invaders and were unable to provide any great resistance to the malevonant force. The fair folk would not recover, perhaps arguably in even the current days. Without little resistance, the Chaolich grew rather complacent in their enslavement of Caer Sidi. Their horrid creatures butchered any fae folk they could find out in the open, but otherwise never was an organised power back in Caer Sidi's prehistory, or perhaps ever. As of the current times, that might have changed, but that is neither here nor there.

There was another Warren beyond the Chaosium and Caer Sidi that we'll talk about a little, but until a great event forced contact, neither Chaosium or Caer Sidi had any contact with it... Whilst Chaolich was dominating Caer Sidi, events were brooding in this separated Warren... Syvisa.

Syvisa, and it's plight ( 1st year of the 1st era - 21st year of the 1st era )

I've mentioned Syvisa in offhand comments above this, but if this humble Oracle can be completely honest, there's not necessarily much to talk about when it comes to the lost Warren, what it looked like, the society that lived there and whatever else have you. I guess that's the byproduct of centuries of isolation from the original homeland of the Humans and factual stories becoming less common replaced by myth, legend and prophecy that can't be so quickly believed.
But, I get ahead of myself. There's still a decent chunk of information that through my scrying and through the help of my Clerics' research that I'm pretty confident is true, so let's discuss this. After all, that's what you all came here for, correct?

Let's start with the basics, shall we? Syvisa was the Warren where the humans who now inhabit Caer Sidi plentifully originally come from, thus the alternate name for these fellows, the "Syvisans" which you might see I use interchangeably sometimes. Whilst Caer Sidi is, and was quite varied in it's intelligent life from Merfolk to Sprites and Elves to Talmuns it's alleged that the same couldn't at all be said about the original lands of Humans. One of my unofficial friends - as tricky as he is - had pretty heavily implied during his musings about the old Warren of Syvisa that Humanity was indeed the only intelligent life to ever call the place home. Speaking of these musings, I'd hate to take away from his entire recordings by transplanting them here in my own words, so I'll only cover what is necessary here and encourage you to read it later on.
And what's necessary to note here is that the use of magic was quite rare indeed over in Syvisa, but not impossible. Only the talented could cast anything, and this culminated only in the mundane, like a healing spell here, a shocking touch here. And only the highest of the high of Syvisan society could ever do some great stuff with magic, like the ruling monarch for example, or those under him... Dare I say, the Seasonal Queens, hmm?

Oh yes, dear reader. Syvisa is also where the story of the Seasonal Queens start. Despite what you, dear reader may initially think, it was most likely given to them later on after life got somewhat settled down in Caer Sidi. At the time, they were just nobles, but nobles that won the King's favour enough that they were allowed to harness and use magics to the utmost degree, which those who weren't favored often couldn't find the resources or knowledge to do so. Oh sure, I imagine the Queens, or rather just Queen nowadays did a lot of magical study on a lot of things, but their favoured interest was in studying and applying potential ways to reach out to places beyond their own Warren, through portals and teleportation magic aplenty. At the time, the presence of other Warrens was something not completely known to Humanity but there was myth, which is enough for some people with the right know-how and the right passion to try and pursue.
Come the 6th year of the 1st era, as it's so coined, the truthful existence of multiple Warrens was confirmed. Whatever one Syvisa came to learn about first we over in the Library unfortunately can't say, however it's okay for now. For fourteen more years after that initial discovery with ever heightened interest from Syvisa and the King, the Seasonal Queens were encouraged in many ways to continue searching for different Warrens, and perhaps potentially how to contact and travel between them and Syvisa. Here's when some of you might say something along the lines of "A dangerous game", and wouldn't you know it, you'd be right.

Come the 21st year, the first Warren would make contact and intermingle with Syvisa... Alas, it was not a good type of intermingling, far, far from it. We do not have a name to place on this Warren and hardly anything to say about it, but it's safe to say that whatever this "Void" was and the entities that came from it was just as malevolent, destructive and powerful as our more familiar enemies in the Chaolich... If not more. Suffice to say, the entire Warren started to get brutalized by this new, seemingly omnipotent enemy. Armies were raised, research was green-lit to try and find out ways how to counter the threat, but nothing was enough. As lands were swallowed under the mysterious threat's grip to never see the light of day again, it became obvious; Syvisa would fall and everyone and everything that resides in it would follow suit.
So, what was to be done? Well, if you can't fight an enemy, the next best thing to do is try to escape it... But how do you escape an omnipotent force that's absorbing the only lands you've ever really known and lived in?.. It's safe to say that an answer lied in the same thing that originally allowed this enemy to invade. Contact with other Warrens. So, with the Seasonal Queens being some of the only authority left at this point to rally what was left of Syvisa, they called to the possibility to escape to another Warren, one which they had practically no idea about but was their only chance at living and breathing another day.

Those who followed the Seasonal Queens found a way into this Warren through portal, those who might not have... Well, no one knows, but a solid prediction could be made, no?
Ah, but what Warren did they find themselves exiled to? Well, you know. I know. We all know. It's time for our story to return to Caer Sidi.

But, now that we have finished with describing Syvisa and it's plight, we can start the timeline. The timeline will be a quick footnote for every section continuing down below where events are ordered in an easily digestible list which though won't at all paint the full story of Caer Sidi, Syvisa and the Chaosium like the full descriptions, should help in keeping things... Well, ordered.

Syvisa ( The 1st Era )

1st year, 124th day of Winter

The Syvisan royalty entrusts their faith on a couple of magically adept nobles who'd come to be known as the "Seasonal Queens", and research begins in various magics with an eventual goal of discovering if there truly is anything else beyond Syvisa.

6th year, 1st day of Summer

Syvisa first learns of the existence of "Warrens", dimensions...

14th year, 83rd day of Summer

Encouraged by the findings of 8 years ago, the Seasonal Queens are funded and encouraged further to discover additional Warrens, and perhaps find a way to interact with them. Travel is still a pipe-dream at this point, but with confidence the nobles and their royal backer saunter onward.

21st year, 172nd day of Summer

A prototype gateway is established, but catastrophically is used by a near omnipotent invasion force from a Warren of malevolence to access Syvisa and begin rampaging across it's lands and inhabitants. Dark energy and hellish creatures doom Syvisa to destruction, even if the Warren attempts to fight valiantly.

21st year, 13th day of Winter

With the futility of Syvisa's fight proven, many still of able health rally around the Seasonal Queens and their plan to use a similar gateway as an escape from Syvisa's doom. In an attempt to save Humanity from destruction, those who could would enter the portal under the Seasonal Queen's supervision, and would have been teleported what would become known as the Queensland Peninsula, within Caer Sidi, sealing the portal behind them.

The First War against Chaosium ( 21st year of the 1st era - 46th year of the 2nd era )

There is some contention as to when the First War against the Chaosium began, believe it or not dear reader!
Whilst the lost Syvisans and the Faeries of who would assist them in their fight to rid their new home from the evil of the Chaolich began immediately after Humanity's voluntary eviction of their original Warren, and thus it could be argued that the same day as those from Syvisa entered Caer Sidi; that dastardly war began... However, there are those who disagree with that premonition, that whilst fighting between the Chaosium, and the Faeries and Humans occurred in many places at many occasions, it would take a decade for the fight to truly boil over into a full-blown war. Of those who would agree with this second belief is one Sir Greenbottle, whom just so handily would account what he had learnt about the events that occurred a century and more ago during his travels. As always, I encourage you, dear reader to also check on the quote-on-quote "Acquired Letters" that the somewhat strange, but ever informative figure that is Sir Greenbottle created when and if time presents you the opportunity, and once more, I will attempt to not copy his work in any complete fashion.
The lives and communities that'd sprout out around them had to deal with turmoil that the beasts of Chaosium put them through almost immediately, and for the first rough years of the Syvisan's presence in Caer Sidi survival became synonymous with life. Though the Chaolich; the closest thing to a ruling body for the Chaosium took little notice of the new arrivals for a decade - perhaps more - , figuring that they would not survive for long even without direct intervention, their monsters harassed and brought butchery upon them in many skirmishes and raids... In an effort to survive their new world, the Syvisans built themselves up, creating defensible settlements, establishing Guards often referred to as the "Night Watchmen" and slowly yet steadily grew their population... The first pockets of civilisation that would eventually lead to the Queensland were perhaps built before a true War against Chaosium truly began in earnest.

But the skirmishes would turn into a war eventually. Perhaps it began only mere months after the Syvisans were driven from their original Warren, or perhaps it took decades... However, I and the Library at large conclude that a decade passed between the end of the 1st Era and the true beginning of that fateful War. It's believed by almost everyone today that the Chaolich only took proper notice of those whom had arrived some time ago when scouts from the Pre-Queensland discovered the Cathedral of Aimsir, and it's importance as a point of connection to many other Warrens in the Planarverse by the massive portals that exist in it's walls... Seemingly angered by the Syvisan's persistence and their attempts to usurp their rule, the Chaolich would begin to bring the full might of the Chaosium down on those who came from Syvisa. A state of war would then embroil the Queensland peninsula; and eventually the entirety of Caer Sidi as the Syvisans fought back with the vigour of a people that knew defeat could lead to complete destruction. A fight for survival would soon develop into the ultimate goal to drive the Chaosium from the world they had now come to call home in whatever means possible, and with that the First War against Chaosium had truly begun.

This shall be when I remind you that the passage of time can be a cruel mistress for the clarity of events. The war of which it's ramifications are still felt today had occurred many, many years ago, and unfortunately it's now something that is mired in uncertainty. The eventual conclusion is well-known, and the war began the foundation of what we know as the Queensland today, beginning with the growth of the Night Watchmen into a full-fledged army to fight against the demonic enemy, and the establishment of two distinct castes of an original military background; two clans which would distinguish themselves in not only their loyalties, one of them to the Summer Queen of the Diarchy, and the other the Winter Queen, but their methods of countering and fighting off the Chaosium in addition... As you may well have guessed dear viewer, these two clans would go onto be known as Clan Winter, and Clan Summer; two ever-present groups in the Queensland today.
The Proto-Queensland, under the rule of those nobles from Syvisa who originally led the Syvisan refugees from their homeland to Caer Sidi whom had established a Diarchy under two Queens; the seemingly never-aging Aynia Moreaux, a face we all know very well, and a Winter Queen; Cthoria Moreaux, would eventually begin to edge victory out against their foes in the Chaosium, though not without untold amounts of blood spilt. Their efforts, lest we forget, were bolstered by the Fae; the original inhabitants of Caer Sidi, many of them forging treaties, alliances and understandings with the Humans and rising up to resist the Chaosium, forcing the demonic force to spread their efforts out across the entire Warren, something that perhaps lead to their ultimate defeat. But we should never understate the chaos and discord sown throughout those tumultuous times. Many communities; of both Human and Fae origin were displaced from their homelands, however new or old they were to seek respite from the Chaosium and their malevonant attacks, and many many more were killed in the action of the age...

How exactly the forces opposed to the Chaosium and Chaolich eventually found themselves victorious, even we in the Library can't conclude properly. We do know that it most likely concluded in what became known as "The final battle for Aimsir Cathedral", where the Queensland and their allies most likely confronted the Chaolich after years of fighting, and through their efforts drove them from Caer Sidi back through a portal deep within the Cathedral's walls. It's true, not all of the monsters of the Chaosium followed their master through that portal, and remained in Caer Sidi for longer, but now disunited and small in number the remnants of the Chaosium would go on to perish at the hands of hunters, or would retreat into dark, quiet places where they would remain, mostly unknowingly to the Warren's inhabitants.
Under the Diarchy's leadership and the efforts of the brave people; of both Syvisan and Fae origin, the First War of Chaosium concluded in their victory. Soon therefore after, the Cathedral of Aimsir and it's many portals would be sealed off for the foreseeable future to prevent the Chaosium's return... Or at least, that is how it had seemed, but that is a story to recount later. The seasonal monarch's place in the Queensland's society had been solidified, and recovery could begin for all of the Warren.

The War against Chaosium ( The 2nd Era ):

1st year, 14th day of Winter

Retreating from Syvisa against an unstoppable, malevonant force that was destroying it, a large community of Humans under the command of the Seasonal Queens would arrive in Caer Sidi. The Syvisans would soon discover that the new Warren they had come across was not without it's threat, and whilst it would take many years for them to learn of the Chaosium in any true detail, would find that the lands were under the control of an awful, merciless and powerful force and thus hosted many brutish and abhorrent creatures of many different varieties... After a decade, under the nose of the Chaolich, Humanity would establish themselves within a peninsula that'd become known as the Queensland, establish a rudimentary army known first as the Night Watchmen but would evolve into a more professional force and begin the first steps toward the construction of the Bastion.

12th year, 14th day of Summer

After a dozen years of Humanity's original exodus from Syvisa and establishment within Caer Sidi, eyes would first be laid upon the Cathedral of Aimsir, and with it the innumerable portals within that were all connected to other Warrens present within it's walls.

12th year, 15th day of Summer

Only a day after Aimsir's discovery by those from Syvisa, the Chaolich - the ruling force of Caer Sidi - and the entirety of the Chaosium would become aware of their presence. Enraged by their appearance, the Chaolich would soon vow to annihilate any and all that had came from the previous Warren, and noticing this, the young Queensland would begin to fight against Chaos' attempts at eradication, thus starting the First War against Chaosium.

12th to 46th year

The First War against Chaosium: The Armies of the Queensland under the command of both the Summer Queen, Aynia Moreaux and the Winter Queen, Cthoria Moreaux grow and evolve during the war, paving the way for Clan Winter and Clan Summer in the future. The Humans learn of the scattered communities of Fae across the Warren of Caer Sidi and forge agreements and alliances in order to create a Warren-wide resistance to the Chaosium and the Chaolich. A considerable, but unknown amount of life is lost, and certain groups of people of both Human and Fae origin escape the Queensland Peninsula for multiple possible reasons.⠀

46th year, 15th day of Summer

The First War against Chaosium ends in the Final Battle for Aimsir Cathedral, the sealing of the portals within due to the powerful magics of those whom serve the Summer Queen, and the final capitulation of the Chaolich. Whilst Chaos denizens will go onto exist within Caer Sidi for the foreseeable future, what remains are disunited and sparse, either roaming across the lands to be destroyed, or retreating to subterranean or submerged locations across the Warren to be seen not by Human or Fae eyes for many ages.⠀

The Era of Summer and Winter ( 1st year of the 3rd era - 130th year of the 3rd era )

Any time after the War against the Chaosium would no doubt look peaceful and uneventful, I could bet you that dear reader. And for the 3rd Era, that sentiment may well ring true. Caer Sidi no longer had to contend with a demonic force which wrought chaos and destruction against all that wasn't itself, and as the lands ravaged for what felt like an impossible amount of time (especially so in the perception of the Fae, the original inhabitants of these lands) finally had a moment to breathe, things seemed like it'd be more calm and positive than ever before

After the conclusion of the 1st War against Chaosium, the community that'd form out of the Queensland peninsula that'd soon be known as the Diarchy of Caer Sidi (or something along those lines), the still-young-to-the-warren Syvisans and their Fae allies would have a lot on their plates. Rebuilding, building and exploring the warren now that the inherently evil force that controlled it before had been driven back was all on the agenda. As you can imagine, this'd take many years of constant efforts, from repairing the catastrophic consequences of the war, to exploring a rather large Warren and putting together maps, to growing the power of the Diarchy and the grand Bastion and eventually, Chail. But in time, the Seasonal Monarchs and their subject's influence and power would be felt across the Warren, though of course it's power was not omnipotent. Holdfasts across the warren continued to grow and establish either completely or somewhat independently of the Queensland, and life in the wilds of the Warren was still dangerous and unpredictable.

Alas, this Era was not without it's hiccups. Though the average person who lived within the walls of the Bastion or Chail enjoyed a level of peace and stability that they could've never enjoyed during the previous era, higher powers and groups within the Queensland would begin to turn their eyes on each other, and soon find reason to bicker, antagonise and eventually war with one another.
No more is this true than with the Clans of the Queensland; two groups that had been forged in the fires of the 1st War against Chaosium and soon enough would become their own force of camaraderie, unity and community in and of themselves. Clan Summer, birthed from the guard who chose to fight indirectly against the Chaosium during the war, healing the wounded, strengthening those who fought directly against the malevonant forces at play during those times of plight, and Clan Winter, those whom had grown close to one another fighting so adamantly and directly against the Chaolich's forces to the point that even they had to shoulder the burden of chaotic corruption which changed their minds slowly but surely, changing steady and careful thoughts into those of instinct and restlessness. Conflict tore a rift between the two groups who fought side by side almost as soon as the Chaosium was driven away from Caer Sidi, when those of Clan Summer became afraid of those "touched with Winter's Kiss" and henceforth worked to ostracise those of Winter, untrusting of a group that were so obviously corrupted in some way by the Chaosium's malignant influences. Most only held reservations and grew distant to those of Clan Winter. Some took things further, leading to the story of the 1st Luminary of Clan Summer, whom would eventually be branded a traitor and a betrayer for the chaos and bloodshed he directly caused against those of the other Clan, galvanising and weaponising those he led against those of Winter, whilst the Caliph of Clan Winter despite her successes could only succumb to stress, sorrow and anger, unable to stop the upcoming violence and conflict...

Thus came the 9th year of the 3rd Era, where the Luminary of Clan Summer used his fellow man and woman against Morrygin's (Clan Winter's Caliph) own Clan and in only a few weeks would commit acts of devastation and bedlam, slaughtering through the ranks of the other Clan before anyone could truly stop it...
That was, until the Luminary of Clan Summer, Conall was confronted by the Seasonal Diarchy themselves. On that fateful day, where Conall made his intentions and actions known, and in a fit of rage against the Queensland who he felt had been apathetic to the continued existence of Chaos' presence in the Warren through the corruption of Clan Winter attempted to attack and kill the Queen of the Diarchy, only to then be branded a betrayer and slain therefore after. Conall "the Betrayer" and his story would come to an end, and it would take many decades for the wounds he had caused to heal, and for the two Clans to grow beyond antagonism. When a second Luminary; Moira finally succeeded Conall twenty years later, and Caliph Morrygin retired her position to her successor Lyrain after the scars of the 9th Year became too much to contend with, only then would the Clans of Winter and Summer truly recover.

Whilst the troubles between Clan Winter and Summer can't be overstated enough, and the pandemonium and destruction of the 9th Year ignored, the relative peace Caer Sidi was offered beyond those events could perhaps offer some respite. For whilst life within the Warren continued to grow, and whilst life had to contend with it's own struggles still, the time for fighting against an impossible force was over. The scars of the conflict between Clan Summer and Winter can still be felt indeed, but for the majority of the era tensions relaxed. The 97th year of this era saw Winter Queen Cthoria Moreaux leave her post and seemingly disappear from the face of the Warren, to be succeeded by Winter King Roran Struenhof two years later. And for a couple decades after, he would reign by the side of Summer Queen Aynia Moreaux and when he himself would retire without a successor on the 130th year, and in his place the Diarchy of Caer Sidi was reformed into a monarchy with only one crown reigning therefore after, the era would come to a close and the next would begin...

The Time of Summer and Winter ( The 3rd Era )

1st year, 1st day of Winter

With the conclusion of the First War against Chaosium, the Queensland under their majesties: Summer Queen Aynia and Winter Queen Cthoria would begin to not only recover, but prosper. Throughout the 3rd Era, the influence of the Hold would grow exponentially across the Warren. Many other communities would soon recognise the Queensland's authority over Caer Sidi as a result, and a much-needed peace - with some exceptions - would fall over the lands for many years following.⠀

9th year, 51st day of Winter

Pandemonium, destruction and anger flood through the Queensland as the then-trusted Luminary of Clan Summer; Conall and those who followed him commit acts of slaughter and cruelty against the members of Clan Winter in an effort to be rid of all chaos within the Warren... For his unjustified and brutal crimes, Conall was branded "the betrayer" and upon being confronted by the Seasonal Diarchy, was slain... The wounds, emotional, metaphorical and even perhaps physical which Conall perpetrated against his Sister Clan have still yet to recover, and a rift still in disrepair exist between the Clans ever since.⠀

9th year, 52nd day of Winter

Clan Winter's previous Caliph, known as Morrygin whom was noted for uniting a group of confused and restless people whom had been touched by the Winter's Kiss and using their numbers to form Clan Winter, and thus afterwards creating and implementing the important "Rule of Autonomy" which governed the members of the Clan through the wars and pandemonium of the unstable years following the Chaosium war, had retired from her position amidst the stresses and difficulties of leading the spurned group amidst it's devastation at the hands of Clan Summer and Conall the Betrayer. In her place, Lyrain succeeds her as Second Caliph, and goes above and beyond as Caliph of Clan Winter, for under her leadership the clan had not only prevented further war and hostilities with Clan Summer but saw the advent of "Harming" spells, a colloquial term for reversed healing spells which did well in combatting the Chaotic magics of Winter's Kiss.

29th year, 1st day of Summer

Clan Summer, after years without leadership after the bloody bruise that was Conall the Betrayer, finds it's new Luminary in Moira. Seeking to heal past wounds and adapt to Clan Winter's chaos and bring both the forces of Summer and Winter together in cooperative fashion, the new Luminary would be the defining step to the beginning of healing old wounds between the Clans. Whilst some in Clan Summer would remain staunch to the Old Ways, branding Moira "The Rebellious", most chose to change their ways. The Second Luminary's time leading the Summer Clan was a success...

97th year, 66th day of Summer

After many a year of contending with her duties, the seemingly never-aging Cthoria Moreaux would grow tired and weary of her position as Winter Queen of the Queensland, more interested in further fulfilling and educational pursuits. Resigning as Winter Queen and causing much hubbub, she would name one Roran Struenhof as heir to her throne before seeking adventure and wisdom on her lonesome. Where the previous Winter Queen had went is unknown, however some theorise she had utilised Aimsir Cathedral to disappear entirely, now exploring other Warrens beyond Caer Sidi. Though unconfirmable, it is true that none have laid sight on Cthoria since that day... Or at least, so it is commonly believed.

99th year, 79th day of Summer

Two years after Winter Queen Cthoria's abdication as Winter Queen, her heir Roran Struenhof would be crowned Winter King of the Diarchy, alongside the Summer Queen: Aynia. For a few decades Roran would rule by the Summer Queen's side.⠀

The 4th Era: The time of New Beginnings ( 1st year of the 4th era - 98th year of the 4th era )

Ahh yes, the Era of New Beginnings. An era plenty within the Warren today can look back upon with a sense of bittersweet nostalgia, I'd wager. And why, I believe I would be one of them myself!
But, I digress. None of you are here, reading this for anecdotes. You're here to learn about the events of the Warren throughout history, eh?

The start of the 4th Era coincides with the abdication of Winter King Roran Struenhof, and the subsequent reformation of the Diarchy of Caer Sidi into the Seasonal Monarchy of Caer Sidi led by a single, seemingly never-aging Summer Queen now rebranded Seasonal Queen. Through Aynia Moreaux herself, the Era of New Beginnings would be announced, and the 98 year long Era would begin...

So first of all, what better way to begin talking about the 4th Era than through one of the most important positions within the Queensland, and all of Caer Sidi? The position of the Oracle! At an unfortunately unrecorded time in the 3rd Era, the position was established and filled by the 1st Oracle, a fine man who did his very best to learn about and record the fundamental knowledge of the Warren, from it's history to it's various places of note and more! Then, on the 18th year of the 4th Era, we'd say hello to our 2nd Oracle, one Stefan Moreaux who'd perhaps be our most notable "overseer of daily life" and lorekeeper to this date if I dare say so. Mr. Moreaux was instrumental in highlighting and recording the majority of information about this grand Warren that we are still reliant on today, and his efforts can't possibly be understated.
Indeed, the 2nd Oracle would oversee the Queensland alongside the Seasonal Queen and her various cohorts for the majority of the 4th Era, an era that though perhaps less eventful than previous ones with less to comment in regards to specific, notable events, was still important indeed.

By the 25th year of this Era, it became apparent to most that Caer Sidi was going through a grand stage of peace and tranquillity never quite seen before even during the later years of the 3rd Era. Banditry and raids on land were growing less and less frequent as the Queensland and the Holdfasts in league with them made efforts to snuff it out.
And indeed, this lasted for a rather long time. Decades, as a matter of fact and up until the early 9th decade did the Warren come to experience a resurgence in crime and lawlessness as the desperate, the greedy and the cruel across Caer Sidi would rise to prominence, either as lone Highwaymen or large Bandit Clans, causing enough trouble for the lands that the Queensland itself had to issue advice to traders and travellers alike to hire protection, and send out contingents of soldiers to fight against the growing troubles to mixed successes. But perhaps, in comparison to what the peoples' ancestors had to fight against in the form of the awful Chaosium, relative comfort was still the norm.

But now that I mention Chaosium, we now have to face facts. When the 4th Era came to a close on the 98th year, an event still near and dear to our hearts and minds less than a year therefore after, it was in an explosion of bloodshed and carnage orchestrated by the returning Chaosium, it's horrid machinations led by the mysterious and brutal Red Knight. Pandemonium and destruction returned to the halls and spires of Aimsir Cathedral as portals to the hellish dimension were reopened, and the guards and citizens of the surrounding areas scattered in a cacophony of screams and terror. Some weren't fast enough, succumbing to the machinations of the familiar invaders. Those who were would become the first messengers of terrible news, that'd eventually reach the eyes and ears of the Seasonal Monarchy.
And thus, when the shocking news was discovered, her majesty would put an end to the 4th Era and announce the 5th, the era of current day, and the era of the second war against Chaosium. And though we have even yet to leave the 1st year of this terrible new era, it has been eventful indeed already...

Perhaps as we look back on the 4th Era, we can see a Warren at relative peace, where the majority could live comfortable lives without the worry of bedlam and destruction, either at the hands of interdimensional invaders or the sins of their fellow man. And perhaps we can be reminded of why we fight, and why we struggle against current times. For in the future, our descendants might live through times of tranquillity once again.

An Era of New Beginnings ( The 4th Era ):

1st year, 123rd day of Winter

After two decades and four years of rulership side-by-side with Summer Queen Aynia Moreaux, the Winter King Roran Struenhof would abdicate his position and retire as monarch of the Diarchy... Without a heir, the Summer Queen reforms the Diarchy into a Monarchy where instead of the position of Summer Queen/King and Winter Queen/King, a singular Seasonal Monarch reins. In commemoration of this event, Seasonal Queen Aynia Moreaux announces the Era of New Beginnings, succeeding the 130 year long 3rd Era.

13th year, 175th day of Winter

A strangely mysterious amount of time since the mythical "1st Oracle" had reigned as loremaster of Caer Sidi in service of the Queensland, the 2nd Oracle: Stefan Moreaux is officially appointed. The duties of Oracle are clearly established during their time, denoted as "overseer for daily life" and the many functions that'd entail, indeed including the recording of any and all information relevant and important to the Warren.

25th year, 45th day of Summer

In the continuation of Holdfast founding across the Warren, and the growth of the Queensland represented through it's efforts of cartography of cataloguing the Warren, and the projection of power evidenced by the loyalties of young Holdfasts to the Seasonal Monarchy, an era of peace and prosperity reigns over the lands. Even banditry and crime against the growing trade networks of the Warren seems limited, at least for a time.

93rd year, 23rd day of Summer

After a long period of peace and tranquillity enveloping the Warren, opposition to peace would finally begin to sprout as the desperate, the opportunistic and the downright cruel would begin to exploit the growingly wealthy people and holdfasts in the form of banditry and raiding. Highwaymen would grow to become a larger problem, and the Queensland itself would begin advising travellers to hire protection, whilst also dispatching guard contingents to deal with the rising criminal elements of Caer Sidi.

98th year, 165th day of Summer

On this climactic day, hell opens from the hallways of Aimsir Cathedral, and a Red Knight begins the Second War against Chaosium. Guards and innocents scatter in terror from the surrounding areas, and those who can't race to the safety of Chail or the Bastion are doomed to lifelessness, and even corruption. This day marks the beginning of the 5th Era, the Era of the Second War against Chaosium.⠀

The 5th Era: The Second War against Chaosium ( 1st year of the 5th era - ongoing )

So, dear reader! We've explained a lot about the history of Caer Sidi to this point, and now we've reached current year. The beginning of the 5th Era, an era that's shaping up to be a sordid one indeed, but we should not lose hope! We have triumphed against the Chaosium before when our ancestors were forced to take action to rid the Warren of them. And in this instance, at least we are the one defending this time, that provides an advantage no doubt.

There's been less than a single year since the beginning of the 5th Era announced by our gracious Seasonal Queen amidst the terrible discovery of Aimsir's breach, but alas it's shaping up to be eventful indeed. In the days that have gone by, an Oracle has came and went, and another taken the position soon therefore after, and discoveries abound about the malignant Chaosium.
When this Era goes down in Caer Sidi's storied history in the future, no doubt the formation of Caer Sidi's War Council will be the event to mark it's true beginning. We have, of course, yet to even see what this decision and it's effects will become of, whether it be heroic genius or a blunder, and only time can tell. But indeed, when Aynia Moreaux, her Regent and all other notable figures of the many Holdfasts of the Warren including the Queensland itself were summoned to brood over the threat and establish a basis for how to conduct the fight against Chaosium, it served to comfort the population in the knowledge that something was being done. If only slightly.

And then of course, more bad news came. Under the short yet very important reign of the 3rd Oracle, an individual you should know well by now dear reader, it was found out that by unknown means, our horrid enemies had opened portals in the north-west and south-west of the Warren, north of Adhmad Bont and south of the Seat of the Bloody Fleet respectively. This had indeed set some fear into the hearts and minds of those who became privy to it, but most were fast to act with the news, especially a certain Regent of Caer Sidi who'd have personally volunteered to make haste to the various Holdfasts which'd indeed be dangerously close to the Portals. But once again, the Seasonal Monarchy acted with haste, and though the existence of not one but three portals threw the defenders of the Warren through a little bit of a loop, determination to fight still continues onwards.

Aaaaand... Well, that really concludes the history of Caer Sidi, up until our current day. It's a storied history indeed, but I hope we've managed to educate you on it's many aspects and events well enough. The future might look worrisome as the Chaosium invades our homes for the second time in history, but our fight against it will allow for this grand Warren to continue onwards and grow it's history forever more. A history that we, those of the Oracle's Library, would be happily obliged to record.

The 2nd War against Chaosium ( The 5th and Current Era ):

1st year, 170th day of Summer

On the 5th day after the breach of Aimsir was discovered cataclysmically by the authority of Caer Sidi, a War Council would be formed by the Seasonal Queen, her Regent, her various advisors and in the future, any representatives of the many Holdfasts of the Warren. In the days that'd come, Caer Sidi would begin to brood and plot, creating plans to fight the second invasion.

1st year, 191st day of Summer

Discovered by the 3rd Oracle of Caer Sidi, the Warren becomes privy to the Chaosium's two Northern and Southern portals, alongside the one opened within Aimsir Cathedral. In a scramble of action, the Regent of Caer Sidi volunteers to notify the Holdfasts nearby of the danger of the portals, and plans are drawn up by the Queensland and the Holdfasts privy to the threat on how to counteract the Chaos' forces pouring out of these new entryways.