The Growing Infestation in Avanroa

An excerpt from Battles Against Chaos


8/11/20232 min read

In the shadow of the moonlit ruins of Roefelia, the ancient city battered by time and forgotten by history, the Borth Cultists gathered in a circular formation. Before them stood the towering monstrous entities, their forms a grotesque fusion of flesh and nightmare. The cultists' ragged robes whispered against the cold wind as they knelt, foreheads pressed against the crumbling ground, hands raised in supplication to the figure of the Evermold.

"Evermold, devourer of worlds, we humble servants offer our flesh and souls to your insatiable hunger," they chanted, their voices trembling yet reverent. "Grant us your darkness, your power, and guide us into the new era!"

As the cultists chanted, otherworldly energy filled the air, an aura of malevolence that seemed to emanate from the monstrous figures. The twisted forms of the entities seemed to pulse and writhe in time with the cultists' fervent supplications, their eyes glowing with an unnatural hunger.

Prinus Evcer, master of all the Borth covens, draped in robes embroidered with intricate patterns, stood slightly apart from the chanting congregation. His eyes were fixed on the scene, a mixture of pride and anticipation dancing within them. Beside him, his closest retinue, their expressions a mix of awe and obedience, watched the ritual unfold.

The leader turned to a wiry figure by his side, a man named Aric. "Aric," Brother Evcer whispered, his voice carrying a blend of authority and excitement, "send word to the other covens across the island. Let them know that the masters have finally arrived off the coast of Roefelia, a testament to our unwavering faith and months of prayer."

Aric nodded, a spark of fervor igniting in his eyes. He withdrew a parchment from within his robe, hands trembling slightly with the weight of the task. "Yes, Master," he replied, his voice hushed yet determined. "The new beginning is at hand, and our brethren deserve to share in this divine revelation."

With a final glance toward Brother Evcer, Aric stepped away, disappearing into the shadows to deliver the message to the other covens.

Meanwhile, the chant of the cultists continued, their voices intertwining with the cold wind that swept through the ruined city. The monstrous entities seemed to respond, their forms shifting and pulsating as if in communion with the cultists' devotion. The black tower of glass behind them cast an eerie, ominous silhouette against the moonlit sky.

As the cultists chanted on, Brother Evcer's gaze remained fixed on the scene before him. The time of reckoning was upon them, and the Evermold's promise of power and darkness was about to be realized. With a sense of vindication, he knew that the island of Avanroa would soon be engulfed in the all-encompassing embrace of the Evermold, forever changing its fate.

"Listen NOW!!" Evcer cried out to the cultists and monsters, all of whom who turned their attention to Evcer. "We are mobilizing fellow brothers and sisters. Soon more of our kin shall arrive to aid us in carrying Borth's work throughout the island! "

The crowd erupted with a loud cheer and yell!