The Caidrich Convention

Article 1: Mutual Recognition and General Diplomacy

The Warren of Caer Sidi will recognize the Warzone Empire, as established by the Absolute Rule of the Warzone Empire, and headquartered in its capital The Golden Realm of Warzone Sandbox, as the sole legitimate government of Warzone Sandbox and all its protectorate realms.

The Warzone Empire shall recognize the Warren of Caer Sidi, as established by the Formal Charter of the Workings of Caer Sidi as the sole legitimate government of Caer Sidi and any associated territories.

The Onsite Regions of Caer Sidi and Warzone Sandbox shall maintain embassies in the spirit of diplomatic connections and regional communications.

In the event that either of the signatories undergo a domestic change in government, this agreement may be amended by the procedure established in Article 4 of this document.

Article 2: Mutual Defense and Military Cooperation

The Warzone Empire and Caer Sidi shall maintain a policy of non-aggression and mutual defense, and shall endeavor to uphold and defend each other against all hostile forces, be they domestic or internal.

Caer Sidi and the Warzone Empire shall endeavor to support each other and work together in military matters; as accords the internal alignment of each region.

Should either Caer Sidi or the Warzone Empire find themselves on either side of a military engagement that is not a direct attack on either region, or their associated or protectorate territories, shall not constitute hostilities against the other.

Disputes between the Warzone Empire and Caer Sidi shall be resolved diplomatically when possible.

Article 3: Cultural Undertakings

When it is convenient to do so, Caer Sidi and the Warzone Empire shall endeavor to hold events, festivals, and cultural exchanges with each other in the spirit of friendship and cooperation between their two communities.

Article 4: Ratification and Amending Process

This Convention shall be ratified by the internal process of each government, and shall be in full force upon ratification by both parties.

The provisions of this convention may be revised, removed, or otherwise amended by the agreement of both regions, and ratified by the internal processes thereof.

Should either party wish to exit this agreement they may do so by repealing it according to their internal processes, and notifying the other party of their withdrawal prior to a public announcement.


Aynia Moreaux
Summer Queen of Caer Sidi

One Small Island
God-Emperor of the Warzone Empire, Lord-Protector of Warzone Australia, Diarch

Fabulas Oblivione Delebitur
Master of Whispers of Caer Sidi

Duke of the Sands of Warzone Sandbox