Malice at the Palace

Be it acknowledged that on this 75th day of Winter, 1st year of the 5th Era, The Warren of Caer Sidi currently finds itself in the midst of an era known as The Return of Chaos. During such troubled times, decisions must be made to prioritize the safety of the realm. As such, the War Council humbly requests the services of The Brotherhood of Malice in its struggle against the force of Chaosium. Assassins shall be contracted into the service of the Seasonal Queen, in exchange for a privately disclosed amount of the magical reagent known to Caer Sidi as “elwydium”. The terms and conditions of our agreement are enclosed below.

Article 1
The two regions of The Brotherhood of Malice and Caer Sidi will both be known as the signatories henceforth. It is understood that the signatories recognize the legitimacy of the governing document over each region and will recognize only the duly appointed community leaders for each region. They shall maintain embassies as a show of this recognition.

Article 2
The signatories agree not to partake in hostilities against each other. Each signatory understands that violation of this article could result in the dissolution of this treaty.

Hostilities and hostile actions shall be defined as any organizing of a raid directly on the other signatory, participating in a raid directly on the other signatory, conducting espionage, or engaging in subterfuge, etc.

Article 3
It is understood that communities are greatly enriched through cultural activities such as festivals or informal get togethers and that both signatories shall make a reasonable effort to invite each other to their cultural activities and outlets.

Signatories agree to open each other’s regional membership to their active role-plays and to treat them as guests able to socially participate in them.

Article 4
It is understood that revisions may be needed as times change or signatories may find being party to this treaty is no longer sensible. Thereby, signatories agree to follow a specific procedure to revise or exit these agreements respectfully.

Both signatories must agree on the inclusion of additional clauses or amendments to this treaty. Upon agreement from both sides there will be a standard 7 day waiting period.

A signatory may seek dissolution of this treaty only after an attempt at a formal discussion takes place with the other signatory. Dissolution will occur on the 7th day after the conclusion of this discussion.


Caer Sidi
Aynia Moreaux, Seasonal Queen
TiroDayn, Prince Regent

The Brotherhood of Malice
Valtarre the Vampire King, Left Hand of the Overseer
Venico the Night Father, Right Hand of the Overseer
Malicious Souls, the Ever-Wanderer
Violent Sparkles, Senior Assassin