A Traitorous Knight and the Bosun

A role play between Avanroa and The Bloody Fleet.



6/24/20232 min read

gray stainless steel armorgray stainless steel armor

Aleyev's heart pounded with a mix of relief and apprehension as he stood before the Bosun, the weight of his sins heavy on his shoulders. He listened intently to the Bosun's words, understanding the gravity of the situation and the consequences that awaited him and his sister if he chose to once more pick a dangerous path.

"I understand, Bosun," Aleyev replied, his voice filled with a mix of determination and resignation. "I will fulfill my end of the bargain and confess to my sins before the Grand Marshall in Varne. I-I-s-swear upon my honor," Aleyev stuttered.

As the Bosun unchained him, Aleyev felt a surge of freedom tinged with a deep sense of responsibility. He nodded in acknowledgment of the Bosun's warning, fully aware of the consequences that would befall his sister and the town of Castamere if he were to betray them.

Dressed in his armor, his sword bound to its scabbard, Aleyev followed the Bosun out of the subterranean chamber and into the blinding sunlight. The sight of the port and the awaiting ship filled him with a mix of anticipation and trepidation.

As he stepped onto the ship, sailors guided him to a fine cabin, providing him with a sense of comfort amidst the turmoil of his emotions. Aleyev watched as the ship began to set sail, the wind catching its sails, propelling it forward towards Varne, the place of his trial.

As the ship continued, Aleyv spent the journey mostly inside his cabin, reflecting on his choices, his past actions, and the path he had unwittingly strayed upon. On some occassions when he left his cabin, he would watch the sea from the bow of the ship. He avoided conversation with the crew, they were after all, Aleyev thought to himself, his captors, hired by the Fleet to transport a criminal. A traitor..

As the ship sailed on, carrying him closer to Varne, Aleyev steeled himself for the challenges that lay ahead. He vowed to do whatever it took to protect his sister, expose the plots of the Merchant Guild that threatened the Seat of the Bloody Fleet, and find a way to redeem his tarnished honor.

...............5 days later

As the songbird sailed on towards Varne, unaware of the impending danger, privateers under the command of Captain Devidas spotted it on the horizon from their ship The Tempest, a seafang by the Fleet's standards. Captain Devidas barked orders to his crew, and the privateers adjusted their sails and altered their course, closing in on the unsuspecting vessel. Swiftly setting course towards the songbird, intent on attacking and seizing its valuable cargo, unbeknownst to them, empty.

On the songbird, the sailors and Aleyev remained oblivious to the approaching threat, their minds occupied with their own thoughts and concerns. Aleyev, deep in his introspection, was startled as the alarm bells rang throughout the ship, signaling the presence of danger. He quickly rose from his seat and made his way to ship's deck.