6th Letter - On Caer Sidi

A letter written by Sir Cade Greenbottle detailing his adventures across the Warren.

Cade Greenbottle

9/20/20202 min read

a pair of glasses sitting on top of a piece of paper
a pair of glasses sitting on top of a piece of paper

Oh Caer Sidi! My home, my heart, and my debtor, how you shine so....

Okay I'm not going to lie to you, me and this Warren have a problematic history. Seeing that I owe large amounts of money to the Crowns, I can't travel in the open. Inns and reputable taverns are off the table since I can't risk being seen. At best I have a friend in whichever Holdfast I'm travelling through, but that's not a particularly high chance. You'd think I'd hate this place, and well some days I do, but there's a certain magic in the air that draws me back. Eventually...

It really is a beautiful Warren and the Queens have done wonders from their palace, Bastion. From the early days right after The First War to now they've been hard at work, helping the region to flourish into what it is today. The Houses of the Oireachtas stay busy, hammering out the regional law that shapes Caer Sidi, while the Hierophant and the Grand Toscaire nurture its beauty and diplomacy respectively. Even the Interior Council, as clandestine as they may be, seem to exude the sort of fervor that only working for a better tomorrow can produce.

Yes, I'm drunk and no, I'm not being paid by the Council. Yet.

But enough of institutions! Let's discuss, dear silent reader, the geography of Caer Sidi! And look, I've even included a crudely drawn map I stole so you could follow along! I'm sure you know of Queensland, the peninsula in the center of our region, as no doubt you live somewhere relatively close to that “bastion” of culture. That is the Holdfast of, you guessed it, our loving Seasonal Queens. It contains the region's center of commerce, Chail, and one of the most beautiful forests in all the land. To the east of Queensland everything grows less and less...well less green and much sandier, actually. The Logyrian Wastes are where the final battle of The First War was fought, near the Citadel of Aimsir itself.

To the North are some places I've never traveled to, but i hear that they have small and squat bearded people in the mountains somewhere. The east is a mysterious land as well, as all who've sailed there so far have either never returned, or only come back to go mad. The South erm, well the South... has bears or something. I haven't actually been there, or heard much about it actually.