About Caer Sidi

Caer Sidi is a high fantasy medieval themed community dedicated to providing a wholesome and friendly environment for role players and non role players alike.
We work together, creating awesome stories and forever finding and strengthening friendships.

Our principles and values

Above all, we prioritize creating a friendly and inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and respected. Our community members are supportive and kind, making Caer Sidi a place where friendships flourish.

Collaborative Spirit

Engaging Role Play

Wholesome Community

Experience immersive storytelling and role play in our high fantasy medieval setting. Contribute to captivating narratives, create memorable characters, and embark on epic adventures alongside your fellow role players.

In Caer Sidi, we believe in the power of collaboration. We work together to build a vibrant and dynamic world, contributing unique ideas and talents to shape the ongoing story line. You are on your way to being part of a fantastic creative journey.

Captain Carrot

Meet the best team ever.

Squad Dad/Regent/Admin


Squad Mom/Seasonal Queen/Head Admin

Master of the Hearth/Admin


Oracle and Role play Lead

Our community of wonderful people makes the best team, and they deserve a special shout out!

Our volunteers keep Caer Sidi running, outside of and behind the curtains. I'd like to give a very special thanks to all of Caer Sidi's volunteers.

Current Volunteers:


Rose Weisberg-Talleyrand




Deputy Oracle

Flat Hearthers:


Flat Hearthers:




Master of Scribes

a neon sign that says watch this space
a neon sign that says watch this space